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Evaluators Corner

“Mock It & Fill Your Pocket…!!!”

~ Le’Capri

Are you new to the world of Mystery Evaluation (Mystery Shopping)…???

Mystery Evaluation, a.k.a. Mystery Shopping, Secret Shopping, Shadow Shopping or Phantom Shopping, is a unique and common tool used by many companies to gauge their, and, at times, the competitors’ service standards and customer experience.

As a Mystery Evaluator (Mystery Shopper), all you would need is “An Eye and Mind for Detail”. You would pose as a normal and regular customer performing regular tasks such as purchasing a product, making enquiries, creating scenarios and complaining or behaving / reacting in a particular way. The best part is that you get paid for it and at times, the purchase is yours to keep. All you need to do in return is – provide a detailed feedback or reports on your experience.

Mystery Shopping is used very commonly by retailers such as Cinemas, Cafés, Hospitality Industry, Automotive Industry, Banks, Health Clubs and many more. Any company that has masses as their end users can get Mystery Audits done.

So let’s join together and enter the world which pays you for Mocking… Let’s – Mock It & Fill Your Pocket…!!!

Your Role as a Mystery Evaluator (Mystery Shopper)…

As a Mystery Evaluator (Mystery Shopper), you would have to visit the assigned locations or surf website or converse over the phone anonymously for the purpose of evaluating and reporting on the quality of customer service and various other parameters. The feedback reports submitted by you are then edited and proofread by our expert editors. These reports enable our clients to take important business decisions as well as evaluate their current performance against the set standards.

Benefits to a Mystery Evaluator (Mystery Shopper)…

* Monetary Rewards – As a Mystery Evaluator (Mystery Shopper), you can make money by doing something for which you usually spend money. You can also enjoy free products & services for yourself and your loved ones.

* Flexibility – Unlike the regular 9 to 5 jobs, you are free to choose your own work hours. You can work after office hours, at leisure time or during weekends. However, once an evaluation is assigned, it needs dedication and commitment to meet deadlines.

* Improve Customer Experience – As a Mystery Evaluator (Mystery Shopper), you can be proud of your evaluations since you help Organizations identify and improvise their Key Concern Areas. This, in turn, results in an Improved Customer Service for the society as a whole.

* Fun – Mystery Evaluations (Mystery Shopping assignments) bring out the Sherlock Holmes hidden inside us. It’s fun in evaluating, for example, a restaurant while you are just dining there or a cinema hall while you are enjoying a movie. One needs to be observant and make notes of series of events in the mind.

* No Age Bar – You may be 16 or 60 years old… Assignments are available for all age groups and all kind of people. You just need to have the fun element within you.

* Experience and Exposure – Being a Mystery Evaluator (Mystery Shopper), you get exposed to trends prevailing in the market. You also gain experience in dealing with people, which directly helps build confidence in you.