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“My greatest strength as a consultant is to be ignorant and ask a few questions”

~ Peter Drucker

Frequently Asked Questions

When and how do I get paid…?

You get paid within 45-60 days after evaluation report is submitted by you and reviewed by our editors. We pay via online Bank Transfers.

How much will I get paid…?

The evaluation fee varies from assignment to assignment and is always intimated in advance.

Do I need to pay anything when I get myself registered…?

No, you do not have to pay anything throughout your association with LeCapri.

Is it a Full Time or Part Time job…?

It is a kind of Freelance or Part Time work wherein you are not bound to do an evaluation. It is up to you to accept or reject an assignment. However, once you have been assigned and accepted an evaluation, ensure that you perform the same with dedication and within the given deadline.

What if I am unable to do or miss my assignment…?

In such rare cases, when you are unable to complete an assignment due to unavoidable circumstances by the due date, please inform us immediately, so that we can either reschedule it (if possible) or arrange for another evaluator. In case you do not inform on time, you hamper your chances of getting future assignments from LeCapri. You also stand a chance to win yourself a blacklisting in our database.

Do I need to have experience in Mystery Evaluation…?

Previous Mystery Evaluation experience is not required as we choose evaluators for an assignment on the basis of information or data provided by you and after screening the profile. We then provide appropriate training and guidance to you to conduct evaluation.

How will I know the availability of assignments and that if an assignment has been assigned to me…?

Whenever there are assignments available, we inform all our evaluators via email. , giving details such as fee, nature of evaluation, locations and schedule. You may apply for an assignment if its schedule is feasible for you. You are not supposed to start any assignment unless you receive a confirmation email with guidelines from us. If you conduct an evaluation just because you have received a Notification email listing the Available Evaluations, your evaluation will be treated as null and void and you will not get paid for the same.

We may, at times, also call you to check your availability for a particular evaluation. Receiving a call from us also does not mean that the Evaluation has been assigned to you. Every evaluation assigned to you is always followed by email confirmation..

Will I get traveling expenses to do the Mystery Evaluation…?

Evaluation fee includes traveling expenses also.

In how much time I have to submit my feedback report after completing an evaluation…?

We advise you to fill your report as soon as you complete your visit. This ensures that you do not forget whatever you have noticed while performing the Evaluation and the pointers are also fresh in mind. In general, we ask you to submit the report not later than 24 hours of the completion of the visit. However, the deadline may also vary from client to client. In case we do not receive the report within due date without any valid reason, your evaluation may get cancelled and you do not get paid.

What if I forget some information of the evaluation…?

As a good Mystery Evaluator, all you would need is “An Eye and Mind for Detail” and you must remember every detail. In case you fill in wrong information, your evaluation may get cancelled and no payment will be released for that Evaluation.

How many assignments can I do…?

You can apply for as many assignments as possible and convenient to you. However every assignment assigned to you is always followed by email conformation.

There are some changes in my profile. How do I notify you for the same…?

Whenever there is a change in your profile, please send us an email at furnishing your reference code allotted at the time of SignUp and changes required in the profile.

I do not want to continue as a Mystery Evaluator anymore. How do I get my account deactivated…?

Please send us an email at and we shall delete your details from our database.