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“The goal of a customer oriented organization should be to have a customer service that is not just the best but a benchmark”

~ Unknown

The range of our services enables your Organization to measure service levels at all possible touch points including, but not limited to, In-Store, Call Center or Website evaluations (Mystery Shopping). We also offer a unique End-User Feedback Program, “Mystery SampleChecks” for any retail product, which can be clubbed with an Organization’s Marketing Programs to compile and analyze the feedback of the real users of the product.


Mystery ShopChecks (Mystery Shopping)

In today’s competitive environment, it is essential to deliver outstanding customer service. Through our Mystery ShopChecks (Mystery Shopping) Program, you can anonymously evaluate the performance of your Organization, employees, intermediate agents like retailers, distributors and franchisee network and competitors. Our well-trained Evaluators (Mystery Shopppers) visit the designated outlets and review the outlet against the predefined parameters. Needless to say that the entire visit remains anonymous, unless required otherwise. We can help your Organization evaluate the processes and touch points ranging from Pre-Sales Activities (Lead Generation, Follow up, Demonstration, etc.) to Sales (Staff’s Competence and Willingness check, Negotiation, Relationship Building, Deal Closure, etc.) to Post-Sales Activities (Service Quality, Response Time, etc.).


Mystery CallChecks

An Organization’s Help-desk or Sales-desk is the “Heart” of its business. With our tailor-made Mystery CallChecks Program, you can evaluate the Service Levels of the your Organization’s Help-desk and Sales-desk on parameters including Call Opening, Voice Tone, Rapport Building, Effective Listening, Professionalism, Enthusiasm, Sales, Cross-Selling, Up-Selling, Closing, etc. We offer Mystery Calls (call-and-capture conversation) and Call Quality Measurement (measuring the pre-recorded calls against the parameters set). Our Mystery CallChecks done by Mystery Shoppers help you to analyze your Organization’s Customer Service Levels, Adherence to Policies and Procedures, Areas of Improvement, Missing Personalized Touch and many more Key Performance Indices.


Mystery WebChecks

In today’s world of technological advancement, an Organization’s website plays a crucial role in influencing the conversion of a business prospect to a customer. The website is a showcase of your Organization on the Internet. Our expert WebChecks Evaluators (Mystery Shoppers) review a website for its Functionality (Links, Forms, Cookies, etc.), Usability (Navigation, Content, Look-n-Feel, User Friendliness, etc.), Client Side Compatibility (Cross Browser, Cross Platform, Printing, RSS Feeds, etc.), Performance (Time Outs, Connection Speeds, Stress and Load measurement, etc.) and any other specific requirement of your Organization for own and competitors’ websites.

Our detailed WebChecks analysis lets you evaluate and gauge whether your Organization’s Website –

* Meets its customer’s expectations
* Disseminates the information in a crystal clear manner
* Enables the user complete the Select to Order (S2O) process in minimum clicks
* Meets the Service Levels for Response times, Order Delivery, etc.


Mystery SampleChecks

Our unique Mystery SampleChecks program enables your Organization to effectively measure the reviews of the Sampling Exercise. We sample products to end users profiled as per your Organization’s requirements (demographic, age, gender, income-group, etc.) and gather real and genuine feedbacks for further analysis.