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Why Mystery Evaluation

“If we don’t take care of our customers, someone else will”

~ Rita R.

Mystery Evaluations  (Mystery Shopping) enable your Organization to measure Service Levels across the possible touch points for your customers. These touch points include, but are not limited to, Retail Store, Call Center, Website, Kiosk, Franchisee Network, etc. Any product or service which is catered to a Human Being, can be evaluated against Service Level Standards. Mystery Evaluators (Mystery Shoppers) perform evaluations anonymously and, since they are not the part of your Organization, provide a real and unbiased feedback. The registered Mystery Evaluators (Mystery Shoppers) are well trained for evaluations and audits.

A well-designed Mystery Evaluation (Mystery Shopping) Program for your Organization:

* Helps to identify the areas of concern and improvement across touch points
* Evaluates the performance of Staff in terms of product knowledge, competence level, willingness to sell and other areas that have a direct impact on business
* Enables your Organisation to measure the Satisfaction Level of Customers
* Ensures adherence to Organization’s Branding Standards across the franchisee or branch network
* Ensures the adherence to Organization’s Customer Service Standards across the franchisee or branch network
* Lets your Organisation review and compare its performance with Industry Standards or that of its Competitors or even its own previous performance
* Pushes the sales curve to North and the customer dissatisfaction curve to South
* Enables an Organization to stay ahead of competition
* Helps to identify and reward the right talent within the Organization
* Highlights the crucial areas (as well as employees) requiring immediate training for betterment

Following (but not limited to) are the benefits of Mystery Evaluation (Mystery Shopping) for your Organization:

* Your Organization gets an in-depth knowledge of your respective locations with regards to customer service, cleanliness, ambience, exterior, product quality and much more.
* Mystery Evaluation (Mystery Shopping) is an effective ongoing monitoring tool that tracks customer service levels within the Organization and at times its Competitors.
* By Mystery Evaluation (Mystery Shopping), your Organization gets an opportunity to ensure that its standards and policies are being followed across its chain of business.
* Mystery Evaluation (Mystery Shopping) identifies weaknesses in the current processes of your Organization.
* Mystery Evaluation (Mystery Shopping) helps in creating an exceptional customer service focus within your Organization as it motivates employees to always provide excellent customer service.
* Mystery Evaluation (Mystery Shopping) assists in improving employee morale by recognizing achievers and by identifying training needs of poor performers.